What is SingOuT?


What we do:

Diablo Theatre Company's youth education program, "SingOut Musical Theatre for Bay Area Children and Young Adults" is an award-winning theatre program that provides education in all things musical theatre, including voice, dance, and acting.


Why we do it:

SingOut's mission is to inspire young people to create imaginative and exciting theatrical performances, to help them grow and develop their artistic skills, to foster a lifelong love of the arts, and to provide a positive and affirming community where they can truly belong. 


How we do it: 

We are part of Diablo Theatre Company, a non-profit Theatre Arts Organization that was founded in 1959. We are also supported by the Hewlett Foundation, and by our incredible community of parents and local business leaders, who share our commitment to youth theatre arts education.


How it all started: 

SingOut is headed by Rachel Pergamit (Managing Director), Chelsea Bardellini (Artistic Director), Kevin Weinert (Musical Director), and Michelle Dotts (Director) . In 2000, while working for Walnut Creek’s Civic Arts Education, Rachel and Kevin formed the Youth Theatre Company.  This program focused on musical theatre for middle schoolers and expanded their performance skills in a positive and welcoming environment. Building on this success, Teen Theatre was introduced in 2006 for high school students. In 2007, Mini Kids and Kids Theatre were added for elementary-aged children, completing the stepping stone format we have today.  Chelsea came onboard in 2014, a year before YTC was renamed SingOut and partnered with Diablo Theatre Company.  Michelle joined the SingOut team and rounded out what is today an energetic and supportive staff who have created a safe creative space for children ages 4 through 18.





At SingOut you will...

Create incredible theatre. You'll be under the lights, singing and dancing in amazing shows. There are spectacular dance numbers! Hilarious scenes! Thrilling vocal ensembles! 


Grow as an artist. You will hone your vocal skills, learn to create dynamic characters, and be pushed as a dancer further than you ever thought possible.


Become part of a family.  At every class, you will work hard, have tons of fun, and forge bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime.


Grow into a leader. Middle school can students can become peer captains, and high school students can become interns, mentoring younger students while learning valuable tech skills.


Make a difference. At SingOut our utmost goal is for you share the leadership skills you have acquired, as you take all you have learned into your future!