Where do we come from and why do we come back?

Northgate High School

School of the Performing Arts

College Park High School

Pleasant Hill Elementary

Campolindo High School

Miramonte High School

Las Lomas High School

Walnut Acres Elementary

Foothill Middle School

The Saklan School


Pleasant Hill Middle 

Valley Verde

Palmer School

Walnut Creek Christian Academy

The Seven Hills School

Tilden Preperatory School

Walnut Heights Elementary





I come back to every year because I learn something new every time and the people are my family. Interning has shown me so much about the theatre world and it has also shown me what it would be like to pursue a career in being a director or producer. This place you can learn something new, be who you are, and have fun all at the same time. - Izzy 

I've grown a lot as a person from my time here. The safe and caring environment promotes an atmosphere where you can grow not only as a performer, but as a whole person as well. Also, working together as a team with the cast and staff to put on a show is an amazing and gratifying experience - Mariana

SingOut means something to everyone; it is an enjoyable experience that cannot easily be forgotten. SingOut will always be a part of me, and I am so grateful for that. The staff, the people, and the younger kids inspire me each and every day. And who doesn't love going to Disneyland with your close friends? - Alexis

This is my second home. Every year I am afforded the opportunity to be able to learn new ways to express myself. Learning what ensemble really means, getting close with my fellow actors, and being able to travel and compete with companies from all around the country are SingOut really has a place for everyone. - Julia

As a newcomer, I can honestly say that joining the program was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The amount of talent is incredible and everyone is so welcoming. - Elan

I love it here because we work very hard as a group.  Everything is very organized and well thought out.  I like the way everyone gets along and you have friends that are your theatre friends and that like you no matter what and support you on and off stage.  This is my second home and I love my family here - Cami

SingOut has taught me so much about teamwork and leadership that I truly believe joining it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The incredible atmosphere, talent, and friends are all part of what makes a little room much more than just a little room. I think that I can speak for both myself and all other members when saying that SingOut is genuinely like a second home. - Andy

SingOut means a life full of excitement and family. I have made numerous friends from being here and I have learned so much. Because of my time here I found my true passion in life, and I have the support I need. This  has changed my life. - Kate

SingOut was an amazing experience that I stumbled into during the years of my lower education. I was welcomed into the classroom by friends with songs and love. I continued because I valued the education I received, and felt a pivotal part of it was reteaching. I believe that intergenerational learning is one of the most important actions any person can take part in. SingOut is a community of all ages who work together to create something beautiful. - Zoe

Some of my best high school memories come from my time with this group. I met new people, learned to work well in a group, and gained self-confidence. I stuck with it because it allowed me to participate in something apart from my studies and to spend time with kids from different schools. They also provided me with unique opportunities including leadership training and trips to Atlanta and LA. I learned about myself and grew as a person thanks to my time with SingOut. - Laura

SingOut has absolutely changed my life. Not only has it let me grow as a performer, but as a person as well. The wonderful atmosphere here is full of love and support. I truly believe that the spectacular atmosphere and all the people, from staff to cast members to the younger kids are really what keep me coming back, year after year. - Alex

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